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SwimSeal are the drops that STOP water causing painful ears.

SwimSeal is great to use for people of all ages. Simply apply 2-3 drops in each ear before exposure to water and prevent trapped water from leading to common ear infections such as Swimmer's Ear.

SwimSeal Protective Ear Drops were developed by leading ENT surgeons who recognised the need to prevent water-related ear problems. SwimSeal is now available in pharmacies worldwide and is protecting ears across the globe

Unlike other products, SwimSeal protective ear drops are applied before going into the water. SwimSeal contains no alcohol and is a unique formula that includes tea tree oil. It creates a barrier against water in the external ear canal and acts like natural ear wax.

SwimSeal leaves the ear naturally and should be reapplied every couple of hours of water exposure.  There is no build up in the ear and it will not affect hearing or balance.

With each 7.5 ml bottle of SwimSeal containing over 100 applications it’s the must have preventive solution to add to any swim bag – home and abroad. Don’t go in the water without it!

The drops that STOP.

Don’t go in the water without it.

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Benefits of SwimSeal Protective Ear Drops:

  • A unique formula which includes Tea Tree Oil that coats the external ear canal
  • STOP trapped water which can cause Swimmer's Ear
  • Provides the protective functions of natural ear wax
  • Will not build up in the ear or affect hearing or balance
  • Great for all ages
  • Contains NO alcohol, doesn't sting or dry out the ear

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The drops that stop

water from causing painful ears